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Fallen Soldiers

Two soldiers were killed in action this week, one was by a Taliban posing as an Afghan National Army soldier. I attended the ceremony where they place the soldiers on the helicopter, sending them home.

Most of time there is a lot of noise on the base: gunfire at the ranges, choppers overhead, drones taking off, soldiers talking, machines and gators running by.

There was a lot of silence here, a long inhale, disquieted souls. When the choppers took off with these soldiers who sacrificed all, the engines were loud, deafening; they drove to the runway and lifted off and soon you couldn’t hear them anymore.

I pray for their families, their wives, and their children. And I have to think when are we all getting out of here? 



  1. 2012/05/20 at 19:43

    Deep exhale. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Scott Santos
    2012/05/20 at 21:01

    Praying for you Bro! My heart is heavy reading this post. I pray Father that you comfort the families who have lost their loved one. Father put a hedge of protection around my brothers and sisters there in Afghanistan. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  3. Jen Adair
    2012/05/20 at 22:11

    Wow Ryan.